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Randolph Street Market ~ Chicago Antique Market ~ Indie Designer Market ~ Modern Vintage Chicago ~ Fashion, Jewelry, Flea Market, Antique Shows
Randolph Street Market ~ Chicago Antique Market ~ Indie Designer Market ~ Modern Vintage Chicago ~ Fashion, Jewelry, Flea Market, Antique Shows

I have always lived in the midst of a war of opposites that encompasses my being. My mind pulls one way and then my heart pulls the other. Imagine a life where the two most infinite powers that you possess spend so much time fighting for the kingdom of your body that it burns to ash, a once fruitful land. So goes the casualties of the fires, the accounting of many memories passed, people’s faces, their names, precious and painful moments. Many of these things were forgotten. As the smoke has cleared and remnants of these two legions remain, a truce has been made to build from here. Everything has been wiped out and only the wisdom of their failed conquests lingers. I use simple things to layout beautiful things. As I grow in my art I grow a new kingdom. I’m in this for the long hall.

I have no formal art training. The felt technique was introduced to me in a high school art class as a project, which I think; no one other than me paid much mind. I finished the piece for class, my mom framed and hung it…”Oh baby that’s just wondaful” Ok. Around age 19, I was looking at this piece hanging on the wall and thought, I should do that again, do more, do better. My goal is to give you a piece of me. I am introducing myself as an artist and because that is who/what/how I am. These are my truths.

So, the lines and/or the colors are mostly very basic. This is innate in the felt pieces because they are created from regular craft felt. I like the seemingly finite quality of working in the medium of felt. It allows me to express the infinite relations of the lines and colors as well as the infinite pool of creativity. So based upon this I easily relate my medium and work to the basic idea of life, the way I see it… In life there is the given. The given is your unique set of abilities and circumstances. This is what is finite. But then there is a gift you are given as well. The gift is choice. Choice is infinite because it is change and it allows you to continually create with what you are given. So I have changed, created, and made relations with myself and my world. So while everything may not seem to have a great deal of cohesion aesthetically look at them from an emotional stand point. It’s a progression from childish youth, the emotions of a young adult, and transition to woman and realization of new creativity.

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Randolph Street Market
Randolph Street Market
Randolph Street Market
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