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Randolph Street Market ~ Chicago Antique Market ~ Indie Designer Market ~ Modern Vintage Chicago ~ Fashion, Jewelry, Flea Market, Antique Shows
Randolph Street Market ~ Chicago Antique Market ~ Indie Designer Market ~ Modern Vintage Chicago ~ Fashion, Jewelry, Flea Market, Antique Shows
Let's be honest.  You're first thought is: Photoshop!  Clearly this is another crazy publicity ploy by the people who brought you talking dogs, Martha Stewart's real estate woes and nudist antique dealers.  Oh, that Danny & Sally: Short of setting one another on fire, what won't these two do for attention?  (Wait, they did that already. Damn!)

No, dear readers, this is the real deal.   As part of our shout out to friends, fans and stalkers of all ages, our 2012 New Year's blast went over the wire services to hundreds of media outlets across the country.  Apparently the Gods must be crazy for Vintage because our Kitty Cat Antique Dealers made it onto the Great White Way hawking, coincidentally, a White Sale!

Now for those of you who STILL don't believe this explanation (family members included), this offers the perfect moment to discuss reality--  or at least reality as we once knew it.

Today we live in a Photoshop Universe.  Perceptions can be tweaked with the click of a mouse.  Destinies can be altered, as well as breasts, thighs or a bucket of chicken from KFC.   Models on the runway can be made so skinny that only transparency remains the final deduction.   Six pack abs?  Please.  Eight, Ten, Twelve!   This is America.  It's not what you get, it's what you see!

Consider the nature of the knock-off or reproduction.  It's a multi-billion dollar market... and the bane (and pain) of every antique dealer's backside.   Spotting the fake and the fraud from the real deal is what it's all about.   You're reputation and livelihood depend on recognizing the genuine.   

The original is real, the reproduction is just a facsimile of that reality, but it is still faux with no returnable fee, fi, fo or fum.  If you unknowingly buy what is not real, you have lost more than just money; you've lost the genuineness of reality.   You now merely own a simulation, an altered virtual object, as it were.

We are now forced to question everything, but is this necessarily bad? 

Perhaps we've all been too laid back accepting second best:  Bush #1 was OK.  How bad could Bush #2 be?  No, going #2 was clearly not the way to go.

Think movie sequels.  Think Hip Hop murders.  Celebrity Apprentice: Special Hairdo Victims Unit?  Toddlers and Tiaras, The Next Generation?  

No, second best is just that.  Second.  Not the original.  Not as real.

So in it's own odd way, the concept of Photoshop has dramatically altered our skewered landscape font, like it or not.   To reproduce an item or an ideology is to change it's original intent to the world.  What was real is no longer so.  The fake becomes the real and the falsehood replicates as media marches on. But enough about the GOP.

Herein lies the slippery slope of truth.  If one assumes that most everything has been fixed, changed or augmented in some way, our trust in all is lost.  What part of Pamela Anderson was real in the beginning... when God created gravity?

"I can't believe my eyes!" isn't an exaggeration, it has become your lifestyle.  You become the cynic, the skeptic, the spoiler-- Ralph Nader with a driver's license but no driveway.  Unsafe at any Speedo.

Is our innocence lost?  Well, partially, yes.  It is good to question.  Whether it be the validity of a war or the authenticity of a vintage handbag, question all and question frequently.  Keep your eyes peeled as the images around you morph from one great idea to the next mediocre.

However, miracles (and truth) still happen.  Babies are born.  Childhood dreams come true everyday, even if they take 40 years to achieve.   Just remember that sometimes it is the unlikely things in life that become most blissfully true.    

By Danny Alias.  WDMS.  Copyright 2012

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