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Randolph Street Market ~ Chicago Antique Market ~ Indie Designer Market ~ Modern Vintage Chicago ~ Fashion, Jewelry, Flea Market, Antique Shows
Randolph Street Market ~ Chicago Antique Market ~ Indie Designer Market ~ Modern Vintage Chicago ~ Fashion, Jewelry, Flea Market, Antique Shows

By Danielle Carlson

It’s fall, which means it’s time to go back to school– even for fashion lovers.  So this weekend at the Randolph Street Market’s Modern Vintage show we attended our favorite class, Fall Trends 101. With more than 70 vendors on-hand and local style experts perusing the market picking out their favorite finds, there was no shortage of insider tips on what’s hot this season and what to look for when shopping vintage. Here’s a little bit about what we learned from these connoisseurs of couture.

Our first stop was the pre-show cocktail party for stylists held on Friday night. Local style experts had been invited to the market and supplied with pink ribbons to award to their favorite pieces, the proceeds of which will go to support breast cancer awareness. The room was abuzz with energy as vendors unpacked their wares and stylist got a first look at the hot items for fall.

We caught up with wardrobe stylist Alison Guglielmo (above left) of Alison Guglielmo and asked her what she was looking for at the market. "You want to find the pieces that you don’t see in a normal store. It has to be something that you haven’t maybe seen in a while or looks really really special so that when you add it to your wardrobe you can tell that it is vintage. It was popular then, and it can be popular now, and it will be popular in 50 years."

In terms of fall trends, Alison was quick to talk about her favorite colors for the season as well as an exciting side to outwear. "In terms of color navy and burgundy are the really big colors for the fall... A little bit more of a high gloss is coming back in, so having a little bit more sheen to jackets."

Color is also a major focus for modeling style coach Jenesia McNair (above right) of McNificent Model Boot Camp. When asked about her fall must-haves she replied, "I'm into colors and pencil skirts, in maroon, burnt oranges, the fall colors."  Jenesia is also a lover of all things feathers, and when we started talking she had just found a hat she couldn’t pass up. "I saw a great original feather hat. I mean, I've never seen anything like it before in my life."

Though Jenesia has had her models walk at the market, this was her time scoping out the goods for herself. As she told us, "I am a vintage lover. I am looking for things that I can mix with today's wear. I'm looking for a pop of color because a lot of vintage clothing is bright in color. Along with it being vintage, I'm really looking for originality in each vendor I see.

Chicago-based personal stylist Lora LaPratt (above left) of Shopping Girl XOXO was also looking for standout vintage pieces that she could use to elevate contemporary looks. As she told us, "I love to mix and match modern and vintage, and kind of pull a vintage piece into the now range of style.  Mix and matching is always my way to go."

She also explained her go-to looks for the fall. "Leather accents are huge for me right now. And chunky knits over flowing material is always fun. I like to play with proportions, like something chunky over a skinny pant or skirt."

Author, style expert, and TV personality Amy Tara Koch (above right) of Bump It Up Style was also perusing the market looking to award exciting finds, particularly in her area of expertise – style for moms. Fittingly, Amy had her daughter in tow, and the two caught us up on their favorite items at the market and what they looking for in terms of fun fall wear.

"I'm very into a lot of exotic skins. I just found some python boots that I liked a lot. Great pops of color, I found some really inexpensive bracelets made out of parachute chord which were fun. Lots of fur of course. I'm really looking for glamorous stuff and also just innovative pieces.  I'm looking for wow factor!"

By the end of our time with the stylist its was clear that the '70s and '80s are back, leather is the fabric of the season, pops of color are a must-have and also - they all love shopping at the Randolph Street Market.

We also had a chance to talk with a few of the vendors to hear about the pieces that won stylist ribbons and find out industry tips about what we should expect to see this season on everyone from runway models to fashionable women about town.

Vendor Marc Pilibosian of Jeff Nott won a handful of ribbons, mostly for his glam '80s statement pieces. One such item was a standout necklace that would be perfect for elevating a little black dress. As Marc said, "I think they voted for this necklace because it has a little bit of a wow to it. Again it's a little bit unusual with the big chunky rhinestones and the pearls, and again this piece is '80s." The Jeff Nott booth also won for a Kenneth J. Lane gold bracelet from the '80s that was going for $45.

It seemed as we talked to more vendors that all their clients are looking for that "wow factor" when shopping for vintage clothes. And luckily for the customers at the market, all the vendors had plenty of pieces that would turn heads.

Marydee Reynolds of Saffron Vintage sells high-end designer vintage from the '60s to the early '90s, with a focus on the '70s and '80s. Her goal is to help customers use vintage pieces to create the looks they are seeing on the runways today. And not surprisingly this strategy won her a stylist ribbon for a chunky '60s tweed jacket by Originalia ($225) that she paired with a silver fox stole from the late '50s ($300) to reflect the current Marc Jacobs collection. As she explained, "What we do is help people get the $5,000 look for $500." 

At the Style Concepts booth Cori Zuckerman, a personal shopper and stylist for almost 30 years, talked to us about the current trends in vintage handbags and purses and the revival of '70s and '80s pieces. "I do a lot of the '70s. Right now tassels are very very hot. And you'll see them in Van Cleef & Arpels in the diamond world and they'll be really expensive. And I find versions of them in today's world, plus the '70s has a lot of tassels.  But I find some with rubies and different things. The tassels from the '70s will be anywhere from $60 on up and they are really great looking."

Cori was also showing off her large collection of handbags including vintage Chanel, vintage Jackie O bags from Gucci, and a variety of vintage alligator and animal print bags. As she said, "Animal print never goes out of style. That’s been around since the '50s and it keeps coming back and back.  And it's always in collections."

As a personal shopper, Cori acquires many of her pieces from the closets of her customers and they are often unworn or show very little wear. Cori is big on condition when shopping for vintage and only wants to offer her customers the best quality pieces. As she explained, "It's worth it for me and for my clients to spend a little bit more and know that they are getting a vintage purse that when you look on the inside 9 out of 10 of my bags don’t look like they were really worn. That's the difference."

Before sending us on our way, Cori left us with one more tip for the season to ensure our wardrobes are looking fabulous. "Blood red is one of the must haves of the season… and we are going to start seeing a resurgence of brooches and pins."

The final vendor we spoke with was Elaine Klausman of Vintage with a Twist, who sells mostly designer clothes from the '60s and '70s. Elaine had come in all the way from New York to be part of the market. She also pointed out that the '70s and '80s are really popular right now and talked to us about pieces were big sellers for her. "It's fall so a lot of furs have been selling. It’s also a very big year for leather, leather jackets, leather pants, separates…It seems that colors are in this year, metallic leathers are in. Beautiful clothes with great designs always sell. Hats are also selling a lot this year."

Elaine had collected quite a few stylist ribbons, but pointed out one in particular that was attached to a Chanel piece from 1999. The festive suit boasted a ruffled trim and matching fabric pocketbook, making it quite unique. Although Elaine guessed the piece would have retailed for $3,000 originally, she was selling for $1,200. As she commented, "You're getting such an incredible deal. That's what vintage is about."

And after seeing so many shoppers leave the market happily clutching their newly purchased pieces, we think Elaine is right.

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Here are a few more of our favorite quotes:

"I've always wanted to come [to the market] so when I got invited to this I got really excited to check it out. There's nothing like it in Chicago. You go to different stores but you never get all these vendors in one area and I love that idea of local vendors and semi-local vendors coming together and showing everything they’ve got. When you shop for vintage you kind of have to go from store to store, but this gives you an option to see what everyone's got which is really cool. " - Alison Guglielmo

"I look forward to continuing to peruse and see what's out there. There are tons of treasures." - Michelle Jeremias

"I think it's quality stuff, really fun pieces, and the prices are affordable. [The market] is one of my favorite sources in Chicago for sure." - Amy Tara Koch

"It's a great selection. I think all the vendors' booths are really well curated. It's just nice to have a concentration of everything vintage. " - Dean Fischer

"There are so many different spectrums of things here. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything you could want, you can find it here, which is cool." - Lora LaPratte
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