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Randolph Street Market ~ Chicago Antique Market ~ Indie Designer Market ~ Modern Vintage Chicago ~ Fashion, Jewelry, Flea Market, Antique Shows
Randolph Street Market ~ Chicago Antique Market ~ Indie Designer Market ~ Modern Vintage Chicago ~ Fashion, Jewelry, Flea Market, Antique Shows

Brenna Brown, Simeone Deary Design Group

1. Longhorn Inn
Great selection of cowhides!
2. Olde Good Things
Love the salvage architectural materials.
3. Mike’s Bikes
Every Schwinn collector’s dream!
4. Century Chicago
Great Mid-Century modern pieces.
5. Vintage Grain
Great antique chairs!

Kenneth Walter, Gray & Walter Interior Design
1. Estate Chicago
Outstanding vintage jewelry.
2. King Art
Beautiful paintings!
3. Susie’s
Jewelry Extraordinaire!
4. Georgia’s Home Inspirations
Lovely, clean and homey.
5. Kevin G
Wonderful overall exhbit.

Annette Zelnick, Hickman Design Associates
1. Susie’s
Extensive jewelry collection & Pouchoir art!
2. Montalbano
Craftsmanship & art of restoration!
3. 29 Palms
Organized eye candy!
4. Maria Brazas
Great art!
5. American Eagle Antiques
Unique finds!

Timothy Schwarz, Simeone Deary Design Group
1. JS Sculptures
Great reuse of old objects.
2. Lehman’s Antiques
Brought out the richness of the wood.
3. Ed Klosco
Use of shrubs to display items
4. The Gilded Room
Consistency & feeling of an era passed.
5. Joseph Szymczak-Sourcing + Design
Good feeling and transformation of booth to reflect the season.

Richard Abrahamson, RJA Design
1. Lehman’s Antiques
Wide variety of unique industrial pieces.
2. Richard’s Fabulous Finds
Excellent collection /well edited.
3. 7M Woodworking
Great design in using natural resources in new ways.
4. Vert Moderne
Creat jewelry, fabulous!
5. Studio Artists in Sally’s Cabana

Jeannie Balsam, Jeannie Balsam LLC
1. JS Sculptures
Amazing ideas and presentation.
2. T1 + T2: Segretti
So distinct and crisp-vintage and exacting.
3. Bonnie
All natural and clean.
4. Mary Rezek
Vintage in fantastic condition, stunning.
5. Vert Moderne
Unique and cool!

Fernando Soler, Smartrooms
1. Montalbano
Great way to re-use material, very inventive.
2. Paper Patty
Great way to frame excellent illustrations.
3. Baizaar
Nice products with a great story.
4. Globe Vise + Truck
Great repurpose use of materials.
5. Chicago Salvage Works
Great + ingenious use of wood and steel.

Janet Blutter Shiff, Janet Blutter Shiff, ASID
1. Kevin G
Wonderful (excellent condition)
2. JS Sculptures
Very innovative-great design!
3. Cori Zuckerman
The best in visual “set up”. Excellent in “style” and incredible merchandise.
4. Zaffir Antiques + Decorative Arts
Iconic wire form chairs and table-great design –classic!
5. Vert Moderne
Modern “green” with an excellent design sense. A must see!

Melissa Lewis, LG Interiors
1. Baizaar
Amazing handcrafted jewelry and all with talented artisans.
2. Jari’s Aniques
Great collection of first edition books, bags, etc.
3. Van Der Veer Antiques
Fantastic vintage jewelry-tell the husbands for Christmas.
4. King Art
I love the old oil paintings-the crackle makes all the difference.
5. Jonathan’s Fine Art + Antiques
Great collection of old trunks-love that some have names/locales on them.

Cari Giannoulias, LG Interiors
1. Baizaar
Beautiful jewelry-just my style!
2. Georgia’s Home Inspirations
Takes me back in time to when the simple things mattered!
3. Atlantic Poster
Who doesn’t love a great vintage rock poster-amazing selection.
4. Pink Elephant
Great vintage jewelry-I bought my husband cufflinks!
5. Jonathan’s Fine Art + Antiques
Very lovely pieces, unusual and imaginative.

Kenneth Ludwig, Kenneth Ludwig Home Furnishings
1. Kevin G
Vintage bags-brown alligator bag from Neiman Marcus
2. Connie Page
Men’s cufflinks-amazing display.
3. Bisbee Wood + Wire
Vintage Vanity Fair Billiards pics!
4. Joseph Szymczak-Sourcing + Design
Fabulous & fun display!
5. Jonathan’s Fine Art + Antiques
Love the turquoise frames and mirrors!
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